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Alice get eaten

Mugutsu (no voice)

Even when something in my face where Alice. So Alice trainer, 100CLUB · Mr. Ray . Much like getting used to each other in days. What has been called to give Alice a meddle.

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The truth is I'd like to play. I wonder why me and partner. But still small body indeed. You're a beginner of Doberman may not look it. What is, I got the 大人Butsu. Baby myself and I will not play? Yell! I play, Hey! (Pachitsu・・・Gautsu) crikey I'm sorry. I'm sorry This is the last time.


~ Pa-inch cat fight back!


I was hand holding the bottom

I know that rudeness or a scary thing. Ray recently 出Sujan poke kun. I tried to punch out. Try licking and licking my face. If in spite scary offense. After turning on to Mr. Lay about the habit.

I almost silently to Mr. Lay that. Once Alice got carried away but I was out. "Gautsu video!". Alice in the mouth of Mr. Ray brains of great diary. Like the wild kingdom is not good TV. When you scold a child or something mother lion. I Kaputsu the entire head. Like that.

Colle, namely Alice,'ll be back out. But a split second. What's going on is small. Turn right and follow them. Guy really fast recovery. I think I'm annoying Mr. Ray, probably.

But somehow I feel. Never tire of watching. From becoming even more to come forward against Mr. Lay also. Even more interesting, but hit back with Alice. Well, because it is a little older, it is.


During the cease-fire

・・・Blood in gastric juice (Part II)

You're never out of worry

! ! I'm a little blood mixed with gastric juice? !

Truly urgent. Allie had not even thought of since. Already before 8:00 pm. Answering machine to call the teacher all the time. 100CLUB examination to get to the hospital even though I had my off-hours contact.

But first, here is some doubt whether swallowed. Antibiotics and injections that reduce stomach acid would eventually gastritis. The blood was mixed with the continuous vomiting. And not worry about light bleeding from the esophagus area. This helped me quite alone. Blood was mixed with about at least feel better now. Alice is also home to the remains truly dived into bed all the time. Just happened to the toilet at night. I hope tomorrow will be a little fine.

Alice is not even dawn night I'll just get off the bed. Are you okay? Wake up early afternoon finally came to Alice. Reminder of the rice. Be glad of this reminder. But it's really the first time in nearly a day. I'll mix a small amount of meat porridge. Naa appetite knew I'm strong. After his long 摂Ra eat small amounts every two hours.

Usual in the evening to the hospital. Progress report. 'll Be fine for now. What took that burden to the stomach with vomiting of blood was mixed. And that to see what happens. I do not like too much like your teacher is actually an antibiotic. The herb apparently Monorashii butyricum like this before. Well, there is a charge that the peace of mind.

Back and eat little at a time. I feel better to eat something every. I mean, he seems back to its original tension. 2 to 3 days after intense "play" attack. Great. Little relief.

I still feel loose, like going back to the original tune anyway. Clearly understand the causes. Maybe a little too big ideas. We've also spent around junk Jatsu involved.

My "mischievous but good. I want strong and growing," it's really (sorry to say old).

Mr. Lay Education

Look what I did (I say a heart tapir)

I'm always taken care of 100Club . Staff there Mr. Ray Dog (Alsatian 4 years). Ultra-fine physique owner. Bibiru be barking at me and (that is always barking 思Ikkiri). Alice is also accustomed shop. I'm always running around in a lordly manner. Do not misunderstand something? Yes, I usually got to come out the back gate that Mr. Ray and Alice encourage education.

Oh, I know. Toco's always here. The spacious and friendly people. I'm comfortable.

・ I ・・Aretsu? What, why she came out? Wow, Yabatsu. As expected because of the enormous! Had I lost the first match. Oh, come here. Iyatsu! Stand back! Oh, no I'm sorry, please forgive. (・ ・ ・ I do not understand what that is sorry)

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Like, hide win. Well not, desperate now! Hang on barking! How about, You're a baby myself because Doberman. How? Bibitta little? ・ ・ ・ Innovation, not calm at all. Never in front of that. Oh, to go there. Make yourself at home. Innovation right, that so Innovation. (Wince) s ~ s, ~ so please take off suddenly. Darn it, I do ~ (crying). ~ Someone please help.

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Dwarfs are sold?

Oi, Oi. 違Ujan is quite usual situation. Yuki is a persistent habit of always poking out. (Even Spitz dog Yuki staff) because it is not proper greeting. Rei-kun. I'm almost always too much fuss. It is too lenient to his wife. Are not you Mr. Ray is also interesting. But not because I'm not being bullied. Mr. Ray Tetajan wagging his tail. You know what?

Mr. Ray truly. Alice always lose the fight completely gleeful. I feel like I borrowed the cat. But a dog. The first time like this. I stopped by a Iku Kura from outside his own. Even some big dogs. ... Or this little 懲Rita. As soon as Mr. Ray went on a little walk. As usual. I was running around in a mess. Whew.

Sitting in wait

I bought clothes

Alice appetite. Best condition ever. Nowadays, every 1kg of 100CLUB of Raw Food ( Allie and Alice column introduces you'll advertise and Nde) to eat for granted. , And looked up at me even after I finished the meal, "Sitting in wait."

Still a baby. It is still impossible to understand that I here mean a (hopefully). Because the probability of a sheet 1 bathroom / 2 or less. Yet the level of probability. 1 / 2 because, as he was on the sheets might happen.

Alice speak to lend an ear to such a serious moment only little. So, before the rice, "Sitting in wait."

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~ Hmm. And I'm still waiting. And I'm still waiting. To eat quickly. It was so'm hungry. 'm Hungry. Ku ~, it has been shaking from too much patience. Hmm, how to say Let it yourself. "Yoshitsu here." Oh, but ・ ・ ・ caress. ~ Network, getting 止Mannaku caress. Ne, not what we put up too much? Not too elated? ・ ・ ・ A ~ I guess I wait to say more.

Oh yeah, because much patience. It is important to bear. You know you let the other comparatively freely. Even the skinny sofas and chairs. If you dug a hole on the carpet. Even if books and articles on battered bookcase. 怒Nnai Daro. Well, I've heard by the book or really important. But more serious prank What we are starting.

Percent from the first that made Alice. "Sitting in wait." The first sign of rice since I feel that I wait. Then it gradually lengthen the time. Now barely three minutes long to wait now. Sorry but declined to stomach. I'm fake. Rice as possible without them. Here is a minimum.

・ ・ ・ Speaking. Today, "Sitting in wait" at. I can not wait Alice. Hind the scene. Gradually at a lower position, getting close to the rice just before the legs and face. So, the natural attitude and Fuse. Fuffuffu. I had done it, Alice Kung. As you wish, from tomorrow the "wait for the Fuse," Let me also add rice to the previous menu.

Raw Food


Alice was great from the beginning of appetite. She ate too much and do not mind at all meals but the location has changed. MOFO not its momentum. Just as soon eat the amount of the size and look exactly stomach. Really moment. There's no longer just 離Shitara eyes. Bunch OK. Finished eating and cleaning up the equipment, foot and turn around and there is "Sitting in wait" while I look up to Alice. Hey, feel like eating yet?

Alice is voracious. ・ ・ ・ I, too rude. Atashi now I'm growing from about 200 grams each day! You of course about that. You know what? When I came here less than 3 km. But today just 05 km. During this week going to be when I came twice. So I eat a lot. But somehow I threw pretty well for me I see a beautiful woman at any moment break of course. He said he's not himself. "Alice" is a sick beat "strong" because beauty. You are more attractive and healthy beauties!

Yes. A woman win the mouth. , And Alice is now eating the Raw food. That meat. But to get here was quite a detour. The first vet was recommended to "Barf Diet". I'm pretty good now but the vet did not have it around. After a normal dog food from natural food. Was decisive, small insects that were in the dry food pretty good reputation. Morai look back to the manufacturer, and no harm had been scared but I was told.


Alice's and 川邊


And his wife. And gentle woman

Found that while many look at a loss 100CLUB of Raw food. Close to shops (at the time Sangenjaya now Yoga.) We also got some of our staff are friends now 100CLUB I fully rely on. Really thank you for talking with Mr. 川邊 owner really cares. It's not just a consultation worried all the same.

It has become the CM that'll want something somewhere. Well, to pick out a dog if you just eat yourself. Thank you in the future.

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