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Magic Mouse
Magic MouseとWireless Mouse

Magic Mouse and Wireless Mouse

Funny mouse is acting lately. Was using the Apple Wireless Mouse. For me was easy to use. I moved the ball smoothly scroll notorious. Of course, any translation it is not OK. Batteries will soon disappear. Almost one in about a month. Other than that there were no complaints at all. In the first year and a half of use. Scroll Ball that it finally became ineffective. Ah, these things. Peeved mess. Tan is so familiar with the body. I Sukuroruboru.

I also continue to use good ・ ・ ・ for disassembly and cleaning. Anxious. Apple's Magic Mouse . Tempted to oppose it after all the new things. Apple Store to purchase arrived yesterday. Open the box immediately. Apple expected to guess. Packages like trinkets. Set up and started using Chochotsu.

Apple Magic Mouse

Into a beautiful package

Conclusion and ordinary meaning. It is not their amazingly easy to use. Get used to the mouse so far held Tta impression of all. I used a large part. Uri and the largest multi-touch operation. Certainly smooth. Anywhere on the mouse scroll. The slightest movement and displacement of the screen moves at your fingertips. Subtle sense of discomfort grew accustomed to directly feel the scroll ball. I wonder if this problem is also familiar. The following is a bit serious. The main applications that are using Illustrator or Photoshop. Mouse enters into his ability to fairly detailed work 中Tsu. You've moved. Work space. When I try to click the aiming point. It overwhelmed. I wonder if a valid measure? After a bit of it. The previous mouse shortcuts could be set at three. ・ ・ Left side of the right buttons. The next two places. One shortcut is gone. The third is the shortcut I hope I did not use much. Oh, and battery. How do I exchange a monthly basis after all. When we opened the back lid AA × 2. I'm surprised, but also contains two of three in a single flat, this.

For the design. And Imaichi impression. Matter of taste. What I mean with things like this, something like Goki. It is also white. I hate the maximum Goki in the world. Encounters a stiff guy. Get stuck at all. So what? Oh, even think about starting to look like that. I stopped.

Perhaps expectations are great. And somehow feel incomplete combustion. 'm Not bad. Not as good as I thought. Well, I get used to them. Eneloop batteries can let this opportunity. Maybe the battery life would be so kind onnaji.

Everything from shape

<Apple Computer "1984">

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Always my Mac are using, or rather those that only use Mac right. Until almost a year ago, Windows was not even touched it. It is probably from a Macintosh personal computer was first touched.

Mac has a long history of fine, 20 years ago the Macintosh II from the time of reading this. English menu, though it was something back then, I was drawing in color comb. As expected, since the Mac's design is a bit cool to 良Kutsu saw marks are also very sophisticated rainbow colored apple. Something that the most ignorant of the personal computer PC is not getting picked up so it looks like Mac was a feature. Mac devoted ever since. Look important thing after all.

Why such emphasis on looks than what the blog first. Absolute prerequisite to be able to look you love. This is the first mistake.

You look a little "Artisteer2" software that you simply作Rerurashii themes for WordPress. Not know something inevitably tag "WordPress" also decided to use. And, so far good. Start making a theme. Aretsu? But was easy to shape ・ ・ ・ little dissatisfied. Difficult to fine tune. I knew nothing but fiddling with the stylesheet. Trial and error on the server you feel inferior pieces are little. And 立Chikome clouds come from this area. I repeat, I know little tags for style sheets and PHP code I had not even seen. Search now. Apparently "XAMPP" seems to be making a local server if you simply. And for Mac, complete set of applications that you need! (Important here and this I) introduced at once. ・ ・ ・ Suddenly stumble. I should have put a local man as WordPress did not recognize. It is fine to resolve all these strange things I forgot, took almost one full week. I took a little frustrated at this time.

Minor adjustments on the theme stylesheet, the test finally began to move. Starting from this area to become an addict. But oh no, twice, three times on this - or else the theme too far ・ ・ ・ week and change quickly. Among them also hooked WordPress plugin. Photo Album Yara Yara Yara movie, and begin to try to put a little tinkering can not rely on or put to use for various functions. In the meantime, and finally realized themes are suddenly endless plug-ins, up to the server at last. From the beginning nearly a month has already passed almost exhausted by this time had little motivation to start a blog.

What I was doing exactly what ・ ・ ・. But of course important to look and shape to make it quickly before it is more important.

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