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Hi, Alice is.


Monday, December 14, the puppy came. Haneda airport counter of freight income. I sing little sniff in the basket.

Face take your car back immediately. It was undoubtedly within the cramped little basket. I opened the lid of the basket quickly. Peek gingerly feels like a little face from the inside. Hello. No smaller than I thought.

おそる おそる

Shave your Osoru


Where is here?

Try picked up the basket. Light! But the fuss kicking the habit little hands and feet. Already demonstrated the strength of the places I feel like it was before the movie. I'll move the large box and a little cushion, 伸Bi上Gatsu gaze around them. Look up occasionally looking up at me with. Truly eye Yakawaii speak. Despite that, large hands and feet are so unbalanced.

During a little sheepishly arrived home. But a little exploration and immediately. I peek around the still unsteady gait. And suddenly ・ ・ ・ crouch guard it now. One demerit points already. Meal times today because it could not possibly have anything to eat since morning. Gobble, gobble ・ ・ ・ I was worried about me eating place has changed, totally useless precaution. Well, eating eating. Expected to catapult over the amount she ate quite pleasant too. Reflection, and stopped short.

And the name Alice. The girl's name. By the way, "Alice in Wonderland" movie instead of "Resident Evil" Alice. Milla Jovovich's. 負Kenaku something absolute and virus diseases, strong, beautiful and (perhaps because this is the best ←). Of course, also completely ignore the call now. So sad really.

Anyway, the beginning of new life in his own way to Alice.

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