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Hi, Alice is.


Monday December 14, the puppy came. Haneda Airport's cargo receipt counter. I sing in the basket wee sniff.

Face to face with your back to the car immediately. Little in the basket must have been cramped. I opened the lid of the basket in a hurry. Feeling like a peek fearfully from his face. KONNICHIWA. No less than I thought.

おそる おそる

Shave your Osoru


Where is here?

Looking picked up the basket. Light! But let flap fuss despite being tiny limbs. Demonstrate the strength of fast I felt like it was a movie before. I'll move to a slightly wider cushion box, the Rite Amane 伸Bi上Gatsu restlessly. Looking up-from-under look at us occasionally. Yakawaii eyes mouth really hard. Nevertheless, large hands and feet are so unbalanced.

During a little sheepishly arrived home. But a little exploration and immediately. I still peek around with unsteady gait. And sit down I was suddenly ・ ・ ・ guard down. Already a deduction. Time to eat today could not possibly have eaten anything since morning. Greedy, greedy ・ ・ ・ was worried that I will change places to eat, all the needless fear. Well, eating eating. Considerably over the amount expected to catapult a pleasant eating too sore. Reflection, deduction again.

And the name of Alice. Girly name for it. By the way, "Alice in Wonderland" movie "instead of" Resident Evil Alice. Milla Jovovich's. 負Kenaku absolutely something to viral illnesses, strong, and beautiful (this is probably the main reason ←). Of course, the call will be completely ignored today. Sadly true.

Anyway, start of new life even in his own way to Alice.

Puppy is coming!


Puppy comes fixed schedule.

Next Monday, an airplane coming from Japan. O's talk on the phone the day before yesterday. I just mean that the Monday of each other ・ ・ ・ dates. O's actually Kyushu Imari, Saga Prefecture, famous for ceramics. Rather easily into the car to hesitate a little distance. I mean I was going first is, indeed more than 12 hours each way. Often took a break as much, we gave greater stress to the body (Oh, the puppy of course). The truth was more anxious air. By air, the dog cargo. Especially since I'm getting cold here, and I think the cold cabin. I thought the O to the neighborhood also realized it's "okay. Even where the dog, similar to the 室温Rashii where the people" and. So Monday will pick you up at Haneda Airport.

From where I felt I was still a feeling that now was too far. When I decided that day ・ ・ ・ But actually quite nervous. Settle down after all. Birth month and a half yet. From the picture on the tiny child. I listen to talk Yancharashii (although a girl.)

Anyway, finally.

Latest puppy picture

O breeder last week's new movie has arrived.
I'm eating dinner at a fast clip. As everyone flocking to compete in one dish. Wow.

Children coming home Only the head has a brown one. Come on, even ・ ・ ・ 押Shinokenaku other children because so much jostling and shoving people wholeheartedly, I do not mind at all spinning around the dishes myself. From tiny, the thrust of the dishes from his hands. Although there are still brothers and all the frantic race I wonder. Something is so strong that children feel a little brown. I tried to enter the child pushed aside. Like everyone doing it to 良Kutsu. I eat a lot in this vein from tiny to flop yet, it soon will be greater. By the time I come home I wonder how much bigger.

Why did the movie get sent before then. The left about 10 days after birth, and another thing about my life about three weeks. Something lovely goodie bags to open both eyes yet, but I just want nothing but singing.

It impressed me incredibly fast growth of mon compared with those puppy. The norm is 10 days old but now feel I'm not hardly walk for about three weeks but will stand firm, and the jostling and shoving other children too. I'm not only been about two weeks. Because voice, was it something thin, I was pretty good I want a dog barking. I'm afraid of a little face is not visible, it probably has already become the face of the dog because his face.

When I bring home but I have not decided yet, you're a little more.

飼Ou a dog!

Allie But suddenly decided to keep a dog.

Doberman girl, red hair color is the only tank in the birth together.

If you want this summer, had been disappointed with was the usual hot dog died. Can no longer go out all out, daily volume had to stay at home ~ Tsu. I looked like a terrible abuses, had seemed quite worried around too. Meanwhile, earlier also helped breeders, O from friends "I was born soon," they said.

Looking back I did a lot of things in the news. After all the work there, not bothering to give a translation that time. I do not want to miss it like an answering machine, or may also be hard to discipline. Of course, having fun is a serious thing Not just Paiarunohawakarikittetakedo ・ ・ ・ say more. But I feel good enough I did not honestly decide.

O to be friends care about me, sent me pictures Yara Yara movie. State that the day after the birth mother's milk to drink hard. Last week, I was crying in healthy, I do not banged up a little bit bigger eyes are still open. Birth month so more slowly, beginning to think that walking around the eyes are open and firmly. After all, I think a lot of things, Yukari Naka also thought, I decided to hand over to get.

When that story, everyone, "You do it" me to say. Was positive but I think I also have lost some good in it yet.

Come to my house but which is still a little puppy, I have to prepare properly before it. Oh, and you do not think the name.

Hajimetara think that has a little fun in the mood.

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