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Look different?

It's growing from within

Has changed the face like Alice. It a little before. It's a matter of course from the middle and still growing. I'm still young compared with adult faces. In ... and I feel a little sorry.


Really this is a favorite look

Did a little before actually look like. The thing is. What is a muzzle? What I Dobell and usually tapering. But Alice is a little before you chuck it all Ttaku flat-ish feel blisters below. Mr. maneuverability of Gakideka was old (I know many people ←) is reminiscent of the face.

It's not a fearless look in every respect. The class might look strange Speaking Which do. But the charm Argens. The cute. What to Alice in something even though I really tomboyish Did you feel fit.

I'm 見Renaku facial expression has become recently. The little-noticed. What is the difference between a first angle of view? I thought I'm with, I would like very much different.

Really not happy should. What things and I'm gradually becoming an adult. Also look so grown-up show recently. I look to change. What is in sharp'm not feeling. I turned and eyes of a child apparently Janaku.

In the beginning was to get bigger and bigger yeah. Nantes is I was going. I do not become a little more slowly now? Nantes. What I Really I think I hand. Datte not even six months ago but come from within. Becoming an adult to wear. I have a feeling a little lonely.


This time is also short muzzle


Look like an adult sometimes

Dancing tail healing

When you face such is Nedari

What is it anyway honest emotion of Alice. Easy to understand. What is it about dogs I think. When happy, fun time, when angry, when you're scared, if boring. Soreto when frustrated? (This only ← Alice?) Or out on the face or body to express. Alice is still a kid from I, is I'm even more.

Panic Among tail when happy. Really Looking at it, feeling happy to Koch. What is not a short tail of Alice. It sooo well. I moved in jerks it hard. I therefore look to happy tail has been allocated or de-seriously. Also over, but I laugh involuntarily. I feel fine now healed.

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There also many nice time. When I came back out the door is. 開Keyou the gate and when you play together. When the door and go for a walk. When I 履Kou and socks (which I need to stop by.)

What I shake and sometimes also a strange tail too hard. And his tail and care. And tail muscles can be pulled Hardly. Surely not ... Dahlonega.

Second Astro

I was thinking about trying it vaguely as a Blog. Did not even think of buying a dog, a car that was going to his heart. So design is also the title of his Corvette. Major policy change that is what a dog. Balanced design but something that is straight from it. Or the family.

In the car. One other thing this Corvette Astro-back titles. Both cars American car. In this Go時世. Actually this second Astro. This summer, transferring from the previous guy. Mon Astro's like the pinnacle of the Corvette hobby is Ashiguruma Frankly. Really anything is good. If width is easy to put on the bike yet been placed on the dog. Astro there. The size of the area that is exquisite. Astro also particularly unhappy I did the previous, instead of impulse trigger strange occasions. Fairly new model year, was less mileage and beautiful. Anything else reasonable price. Yoppodo cheaper than the usual mini-owned. ROD MOTORS san, thank you for your help every time (I got looking at the Astro is also the first ROD MOTORS).


Front Tire Replacement


Chatter lap in bed

The Lowdown on the initial purchase quite Aero, 極Me付Ke Center This is a muffler in the rear Bukkake Q4. Clean interior and engine, but in fairly normal. Even vinyl floor with floor Mamma also. Toka well, whatever it looks from Ashiguruma, 4 muffler is truly embarrassing. It is disgusting and low down suspension fluffy. In Moraimashita remake. In the ROD MOTORS. 本Ni muffler 1, the rear shock in recombinant modified leaf. Did replacing the rear tires also very low.

I feel the front tires will be taken aboard for a while Did. Because the car is somewhat low down your own risk. The front tire is also looking to replace consultation with you still RYO. So today went. Feel good. One tire was pretty good. I also cited height, ride height up a little. So step corner without even really care.

Height with respect to the likes of Yappa low. Really The lower the better. Corvette still quite sticky. Astro is a kick as I would like to ride anywhere. Rest might look nicer now than just a little more rear 落Toshitara. Future challenges.

Hot Rod Custom Show

Sunday, yesterday, I went to Yokohama Hot Rod Custom Show.

This year's car industry, but because if I thought you did very good topic, because crowded tea. I will always care mercenary turned ROD MOTORS stand alone. Tetara chance to poke too many people have I, Kung N and ran into the Team ROD. ROD arrived at the booth of difficulty. Hot breath.


This is the specification of '09 "ROD DRAG VETTE HQ-7". Flashy flashy paint as well as previous versions, KEN THE Flattop . Drag the famous machine in Japan.

After a long talk I had with the president. "A dog came?" "Ah, see?" Toka said, showing the previous movie. Yappa president, really love dogs. "Dear crikey" "Yes Desho, Desho so," Did everyone excited to say solved.

ZZ TOP Billy Gibbons様のおクルマ

ZZ TOP Billy Gibbons-like car


Today's number one single stuck

I came to the show and the long-awaited 一応, as people decided to look around the venue.

This single was Yappa care. Car like Billy Gibbons of ZZ TOP Kano. The first time I saw was not a very cool look closely Yappa! BGM Hazusenai car for me is that God ZZ TOP.

And most of this yellow cab stuck. Bona fide commercial vehicles this cab with a whopping number green. As well as the usual taxi meter rates. I knew I would not even ride for you see. But like today, Sunday Sales What car is not on-season? Applaud business owners participated in the rest.

I was holding down as many photos as car care as well, so I took full form cloudy. But if you like Gallery at.

Really is amazing but I also like bikes on display, I saw quite enough to say that such a system was a little Harley. Did you mean what was I Toka Drag Bike. Sotchi has wanted to see ... like a little

Turning quickly to the back and crowded all told before. Belly full of car show was just fine in a long time.

Buy a dog!

Allie But I suddenly decided to have a dog.

Doberman girl, the only route in Reddotan born with.

If you think this summer, came the death of the dog was with shattered always painful. We go out quite gone out, and the volume was muffled in the house every day ~ Tsu. I looked terrible feeling except in very fine was like had to take the worry around. During such, breeders also helped me before, Mr. O "I was born soon," was said.

Looking back I did many things in the news. Yappari work from there, not bothering not always been mentioned. Toka feeling lonely but you do not want the answering machine, discipline and Toka also be hard. Of course, it'll just be a lot of fun without ... Paiarunohawakarikittetakedo not say more. But feelings can not become Imaichi decide obediently.

It also cares about me Mr. O, who sent Yarra Yarra movie pictures. The day after the birth how hard drinking mother's milk. Last week, the fine was crying a little bigger eyes but still can not cut open. So another month Sorosoro born, I think walking around are beginning to open eyes firmly. After all, I thought many things, and I also rim Yappari, I decided to get the hand over.

When the story, everybody "I do it," said me. I decided to think positively that I myself have lost a bit of good in it yet.

The puppies come in a little further but I still gotta prepare fine so far. Oh, and you do not think the name.

Begin such a thought, have a little fun in the mood.

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