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Drag Race Amefesu ★

The victory moment

Amefesu Speaking of drag racing. What a cool drag race Amefesu 1/4mile (about 400m). Motegi race goes well 1000ft (approximately 300m) soup. You're pretty far only course. It makes me more Amefesu from the audience. Support Team MKR once too. I will not say anything but real.

Tawake into why so early in the morning. Everyone but me seems like setting strict race. Fuji can take pretty much, especially because there 燃調 elevation. But I was persistent only see them next. Prepare like that.

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Drag Vette HQ-7


Now a swoop


It is peaceful

Time is finally on track. On this day, feeling very good weather with rising temperatures. The course is pretty hot waiting in direct sunlight and road reflections. Much less movement of trolley cars on the track crew. I'll not only carrying gasoline because Gili. Meanwhile, Mr. RYO drivers but I'm focused. Bannauto feel beautiful and determined before the start in full swing. Tension will increase once the staging.

The result is I mean. Eliminated in the semi-finals to go. Motegi race day in May was slightly disappointed to win only. Win or lose because you can race. I'm also do my best for the next.


The whole atmosphere is exquisite

フォード F100 パネルバン

I like this expression

GW last day like this. Even doing live shows and car candy raves way. Koto while over there I always find I almost did not. The car was in it but air. One Cherokee lift up. This is cool. I decided that I would like to color. The car needlessly because I like the original Cherokee. One is also known as Pumpkin Ford F100. The track is not this panel van. I wanted the car sometime before. Front mask like cute. Colle, however, look more bulky. Maybe leg hurts everyday.

Traffic was back in fear. Almost too smooth. We got to drive comfortably.

※ The Amefesu photo gallery on. But I see so many parades and races.
Hot Rod Custom Show

Yesterday, I went to Yokohama Hottoroddokasutamusho.

This year's car industry, but I thought if I did not talk very good, crowded mess. We always has a kind of mercenary ROD MOTORS booth only. If I have chance to wander around too many people but, Team ROD of N random Kung. ROD booth allowing for quick arrival. Breathe.


This specification '09 "ROD DRAG VETTE HQ-7". Flashy flashy paint as well as previous versions, KEN THE Flattop . Famous drag car in Japan.

We talked a long time met with the President. "A puppy come?" "Oh, see?" Like what the previous movie show. As expected, President, really like dogs. "Oh, no dear!" "You know, you know," I like what everyone abuzz.

ZZ TOP Billy Gibbons様のおクルマ

ZZ TOP Billy Gibbons - like your car


Today first thing one stabbed

Came, and the once great pains to show, as people decided to look around the venue.

This unit was worried too. Kano ・ ZZ TOP Billy Gibbons-like car. At first when I saw so I was not a cool look closely Yappa! ZZ TOP BGM is the car for me is I walked in God.

Yellow cab is stuck in this figure. Bona fide commercial vehicles this cab with a whopping number green. Well as regular taxi meter rates. I knew I would not even ride for you see. But on Sunday, I like the car business today is not the peak season? Clap off business owners attended.

I was concerned about holding down the car as well as many photos as well, so full of blurry cell phone shot. If I'm Still Gallery at.

The exhibition really amazing bikes but like most Harley and hardly seen at all as it was based. Drag Bike or I wonder if maybe there was. You Hana just wanted to see over there ・ ・ ・

Leave early and come home in this crowded before that. As it was fairly full stomach after a long car show.

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