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Look different?

Still growing because

Alice look like has changed. A little before it. It's obvious that the process of growing from it yet. I'm still young compared to adult faces. For me to feel a little sorry ・ ・ ・.


This really is a favorite expression

Before I look like some. What do you mean and mean what. What's muzzle? I'm tapering usually Dobelle. Alice is right there before I got it all flat Geez, feel like jowls. Mr. Komawari the big kids were old (more likely a stranger ←) is reminiscent of the face.

It's not nothing if not fearless look. Speaking of class may be a strange face or I either. But theres a charm. And cute. I really like a tomboy at Alice's, but I feel that it is perfect.

Naa 見Renaku'm getting this expression lately. Being aware of the moment. What is the difference between a first viewing angle? I also was thinking, I would like very much different.

The truth should be happy. Coto and I'm an adult I'm gradually getting. I also look grown-up show recently. I changed to the eye. In feeling but I'm not sharp. Going on and obviously not a child's eyes.

Yeah the beginning was to get bigger and bigger. But I thought I was. What do you think it will slow a little? I. Naa I think I really selfish. Even though he does not even six months ago more we come from. To look into becoming an adult. S making me feel a little lonely.


Hashi Kono Muzzle too short time


Occasionally look like an adult

Full six months

Well here is such a happy face

Today, Alice is also a full six months. Already four and half months since I came to Uchi. Something flashed.

To take a really long at first hand. Now weighs about 26kg. It also builds a lot Doberurashiku. I've been a little before Colo. Figure becomes even run upside down. I still feel your love and respect and that's a little plumb yet. The whole line replaced by teeth grow. The only concern is cut-ear ear. I stood just left ear. The habit of luck like Bimyo right ear. Now gradually being corrected. I breathe a lot more thing it has cured.


・ ・ ・ Some more


I would laugh and I'll look it look

Maybe nature has become increasingly appropriate to the queen. Well, you start pretty 気強Katta Kikan. Now I feel it took the Spurs. Wagamama is the extent of the queen like someone I truly Toco. Anyway, hate to be patient. Helplessness and sit for 5 seconds. Before much more than rice. Grow a little too sweet?

Sabotage has settled a bit? Maybe you can have a little separation. The sofa and they made phone 示Sanaku interest. I'm interested in this thing and moved higher on the table or bookshelf though. Toco like hands reach so far. Alert is still taboo.

Alice actually gave few things I bought. Allie-down the most. Collar and clothes, cushions, toys much. Eligh and be patient with me-down. Person would probably not thinking of me-down.

In the toilet. Toco finally broke 09. I almost can. If not get to play something fails. That on purpose maybe. This brings a fit of anger. When playing in reverse. I got obsessed fun, you'll be on the spot. ・ ・ ・ Here is a fault.

Percent body has grown to Otsumu but really so much. But without any major issues anyway. I want us to grow up healthy in the moment. Sufficient by itself.

Dec 15, 2009 / Alice's hire came the next day

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I do as Dobell

Unusually fair style

I slowly approached the past five months full adult Alice. His facial expression and body gestures but so too? ・ ・ ・ I really?

How? You have become increasingly Doberumanrashiku. Colo-mon I thought myself doing something earlier. What? What? ? I have short legs! ? The stretch now! Now! About it they say. I resemble a dog owner. I'll take it from responsibility if this were still left leg is shorter! ~ Oh, I'm getting something to worry.


Let your legs'll Mijika


Do you know about shyness?

Excuse me for living. Short legs. If you say I think I'll look forward to it. Tapering is just how I do that.

But I'm not at all convincing. When the more we are, I feel like nothing is fearless in Dover. Look out, this Daratsu and dressed. Why do also understand that this is Daro short legs. 当然Jan not appear to progress from a baby so this time.

It's just the girl with it at all. It's have a little shyness. What's this. The stomach was exposed. What is cool in unprotected 得Naijan far. And maybe not ・ ・ ・ little fat?

Stroll through the latest "cute" than that said "cool" and said those who have increased. I came out of the Doberurashi that, right?

I'm getting more leg stretches and I certainly see in the picture. I feel that I'm most looking down from Uchi. Until now I did not mind. Also has to feel about or around the waist or chest muscles. It's flat out at the young and watching something move. It is five months all the same. Yet all things round. Yeah, I'm in no hurry to go, Alice.

Alice's New Year party

I earnestly into the chattering

New Year's night, to visit their relatives. Alice vaccines done with it. 3 family pet dog 04. Insanely busy New Year's party.

Mont her Corgi, Chihuahua Shoko-chan, to the bush Kotaro Kun Alice. Of course, Alice is the youngest. All nervous at first. Remains to each other. As soon get accustomed fuss. Shoko-chan a candy should we usually mild. Ask on from room to room. Kotaro Kun is a mad dash that I saw. The temper of her eldest Putsutsu Mont much to the annoyance. One fast and furious and suddenly one running around Kotaro Kun. Kotaro Kun was angry, I had suddenly dejectedly. In, Alice and the fact ・ ・ ・

This is Alice. In the photo, it seems You chickened out. Not really as if it really is. Atashi Tatte stay on because I'm a Doberman Chii. But her lovely Mon. I'll be quiet in one shot with her Kung Shocco Kotaro Deta such commotion. I like her sister all the same. Innovation like that too Atashi Naro.

What do you have fun? Hmm, I wonder if it's Atashi is Bimyo. Toco still nervous but then you get used to me. But the greeting. Mon-chan, a little fine Shoko. Kotaro Kun is too aggressive boys ・ ・ ・. The next time maybe the best A big baby myself. Could you guys understand?

I got tough. I was scared to be honest. The first picture I Jatsu swimming. What was one of the refuge under a Table? But the love from everyone. Well, usually you see a Doberman puppy for me but also unlikely. It's what's really tense. Deep sleep surrounded by nieces and nephews. I fall asleep anywhere and think very well. I think nerves got a little shameless, really.

I wanted to play with more friends. 遊Bazujimai very end. In the more we pretty naughty habit. Angai person (dog?) 見知Ri? Meet people from around this time I would become a little more Doberumanrashiku. Maybe you'll be scared of everyone.

甥っ子、姪っ子に囲まれて モンちゃんとショコちゃん

2 months roared

Sit well

This is Alice. Just two months out from the belly of the mother. Innovation 目Magurushikatta the book. Survived well in my admiration for this small body. Well, the first month and a half but did not even like that. Mother and brother, sister and I spent peacefully.

Well, that day was busy from the small baskets. The next time you open the basket was a stranger peeps. Who this man? Feeling. Anyway, the new Toco Toco was completely different from before ・ ・ ・. Smell first. Before the full flavor of green or earthy smell. But now something almost smell the green pears. And you got out just a little, but I'm driving the car that Byunbyun. Cod full of people or another. There are more number of people. Toco I much prefer the first of many dogs from their baby myself. I'm the world how it is.

Yo Toco made different. But yesterday, this friend just chickened. What is the doctor? It was something different to the atmosphere and Toco. Yeah, totally beautiful and clean building. But something different. Tta nervous'll gradually been yapping cry. More like a Doberman that they like but I Atashi teacher there. I also met the daughter of a teacher s pet. VERY strapping. Not had a voice in amazement. I was all right to touch many Toco. OK because nowhere. Pinched the end I felt the back end. It was like a shot. Who knew from calm. I was asleep Chatta said many have felt the pressure even after that.

New in the world tomorrow. Atashi was a whole new world, but from two months (Incidentally, the world is not without its prior.) I hope to be in a little more subdued.

Yeah really. Alice for the last two months. I think it was great. A little more we come from two weeks in particular. I'm glad it came. Nice to meet you again next year. Are from a gently.

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