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・・・Blood in gastric juice (first part)

What really gone?

3 days ago morning. Alice woke at the sound of vomiting. "Here a slight, telling young master!" And. The thing is vomiting brown liquid. Did not digest. Always would be, when hungry. And was soon going to eat.

Early morning. The sound of vomiting. Looking at the clock at 4:30. This time I mixed the meat undigested. What kind of odd? 3.5 months more we come, but first this. Allie is what I ate and often vomiting. It was always on an empty stomach can say Gege. Why was yesterday so I did not care ・ ・ ・.

I vomited again and see. Now only gastric juice. Lasted about two hours long it every 30 minutes.

Morning call to the hospital. I give advice to a small amount of porridge. There appetite. Up as usual. No spitting how to recover ate porridge. Regular mail in about a little soft. To the hospital in the afternoon. Honesty was the biggest fear is that I do not swallowed something hidden icon. After the course description, the X-ray. Pear abnormal. The thing is completely safe and out of sight but it seems to say. Things like hard packed into the stomach and intestines and mono, but is unlikely. How to look again butyricum. On this day meal porridge mixed with a small amount of meat. Rested early.

The next morning. Raw meat in the usual light lasted for two days because there was no vomiting. I started to calm down for a while arrowhead rest assured, recovered, and vomiting. Just waiting and watching until the afternoon. Fed rice gruel mixed with a little dry food, so no vomiting. Naa I've got an appetite. I guess it fine porridge. What a little tired or your stomach.

Let us think for a while turned into mince meat of good digestion 100CLUB to the usual diced. And I were playing for a hour talking to Alice began to vomit again.

! ! I'm a little blood mixed with gastric juice? !

To be continued on a next post ...

Sitting in wait

I bought clothes

Alice appetite. More best condition. Nowadays, every 1kg of 100CLUB of Raw Food ( Allie and Alice column introduces you'll advertise and Nde) to eat for granted. , And looked up at me even after I finished the meal, "Sitting in wait."

Still a baby. It is still impossible to understand that I here mean a (hopefully). Because the probability of a sheet 1 bathroom / 2 or less. Yet the level of probability. 1 / 2 because, as he was on the sheets might happen.

Alice speak to lend an ear to such a serious moment only little. So, before the rice, "Sitting in wait."

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~ Hmm. And I'm still waiting. And I'm still waiting. To eat quickly. It was so'm hungry. 'm Hungry. Ku ~, it has been shaking from too much patience. Hmm, how to say Let it yourself. "Yoshitsu here." Oh, but ・ ・ ・ caress. ~ Network, getting 止Mannaku caress. Ne, not what we put up too much? Not too elated? ・ ・ ・ A ~ I guess I wait to say more.

Oh yeah, because much patience. It is important from the patient. You know you let the other comparatively freely. Even the skinny sofas and chairs. If you dug a hole on the carpet. Even if books and articles on battered bookcase. 怒Nnai Daro. Well, I've heard by the book or really important. But more serious prank What we are starting.

Alice does not pay, so you can see from the beginning. "Sitting in wait." The first sign of rice since I feel that I wait. Then gradually increase the time it. Now barely three minutes long to wait now. Sorry but declined to stomach. I'm fake. Rice as possible without them. Here is a minimum.

・ ・ ・ Speaking. Today, "Sitting in wait" at. I can not wait Alice. Hind the scene. Gradually at a lower position, getting close to the rice just before the legs and face. So, the natural attitude and Fuse. Fuffuffu. I had done it, Alice Kung. As you wish, from tomorrow the "wait for the Fuse," Let me also add rice to the previous menu.

Raw Food


Alice was great from the beginning of appetite. She ate well and did not give a damn about food, but also changed the location. MOFO not its momentum. Just as soon eat the amount of the size and look exactly stomach. Really moment. There's no longer just 離Shitara eyes. Bunch OK. Finished eating and cleaning up the equipment, foot and turn around and there is "Sitting in wait" while I look up to Alice. Hey, feel like eating yet?

Alice is voracious. ・ ・ ・ I, too rude. Atashi now I'm growing from about 200 grams each day! You of course about that. You know what? When I came here less than 3 km. But today just 05 km. During this week going to be when I came twice. So I eat a lot. But somehow I threw pretty well for me I see a beautiful woman at any moment break of course. He said he's not himself. "Alice" is a sick beat "strong" because beauty. You are more attractive and healthy beauties!

Yes. A woman win the mouth. , And Alice is now eating the Raw food. That meat. But to get here was quite a detour. The first vet was recommended to "Barf Diet". I'm pretty good now but the vet did not have it around. Since then regular dog food from Nature. Was decisive, small insects that were in the dry food pretty good reputation. Morai look back to the manufacturer, and no harm had been scared but I was told.


Alice's and 川邊


And his wife. And gentle woman

Found that while many look at a loss 100CLUB of Raw food. Also close to shops (at the time Sangenjaya now Yoga.) We also got some of our staff are friends now 100CLUB I fully rely on. Really thank you for talking with Mr. 川邊 owner really cares. It's not just a consultation worried all the same.

The CM that she's somewhere'll want something. Well, to pick out a dog if you just eat yourself. Thank you in the future.

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