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Drag Race Amefesu ★

The victory moment

Amefesu Speaking of drag racing. What a cool drag race Amefesu 1/4mile (about 400m). Motegi race goes well 1000ft (about 300m) soup. You're pretty far only course. It makes me more Amefesu from the audience. Support Team MKR too tentative. I will not say anything but real.

Tawake into why so early in the morning. Everyone but me seems like setting strict race. Fuji 燃調 especially because I can take quite some elevation. But I was persistent only see them next. Prepare like that.

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Drag Vette HQ-7


Now a swoop


It is peaceful

Time is finally on track. Slight rise in temperatures on this day in very good weather. Waiting at the road course is pretty hot and direct sunlight reflection. Much less movement of trolley cars on the track crew. I'll not only carrying gasoline because Gili. Meanwhile, Mr. RYO drivers but I'm focused. Bannauto feel beautiful and determined before the start of the best. The tension will increase once the staging.

The result is I mean. Eliminated in the semi-finals to go. Motegi race day in May was slightly disappointed to win only. Win or lose because you can race. I'm also do my best for the next.


The whole atmosphere is exquisite

フォード F100 パネルバン

I like this expression

GW last day like this. Even doing live shows and car candy raves way. Koto while over there I always find I almost did not. The car was in it but air. One Cherokee lift up. This is cool. I decided that I would like to color. The car needlessly because I like the original Cherokee. One is also known as Pumpkin Ford F100. The track is not this panel van. From the car before I ever wanted. I like cute front mask. Colle, however, look more bulky. Maybe leg hurts everyday.

Traffic was back in fear. Almost too smooth. We got to drive comfortably.

※ The Amefesu photo gallery on. But I see so many parades and races.
★ Korubettoparedo Amefesu


Children's Day on May 5. IKURA's AMERICAN FESTIVAL, Amefes 2010.

The Astro-ROD MOTORS around 2:30 to midnight. Transfer to Corbett. Starting with the entire team. To resound with the roar Speedway. It's a long time Corvette. The little car late at night, so naturally Tomei. Very pleasant drive. It was a safe driving course. I ran with it from everyone.


Nearby is the Blue Swallow N-C1

This Amefesu. Korubettoparedo aim to participate. Me first but was parked behind the pit icon. I ordered the car to contact me on the stand. Go through the swarm of visitors. Managed to successfully complete show.

Mr. Corbett also take the N Team. Parade with the course. His C1 (my C3 I). S always nice to be doing pretty blue color. The table crammed around the C1 through C6 Corvette ever before. In many more than I thought C3. I love the sight of the C3 is crazy. They greet you or even knows. Cool Naa I knew what the Corvette.


・ ・ ・ Before and


Even after the full Corbett


I ・ ・ ・ confusing broad sense

In the course of the parade is wrong with hectic schedules and overlapping the first two heats of drag racing. The course contains a C1 from around hairpin in chronological order from the ranks. I was waiting for some time now. Photo session like the camera in one hand all down from the car. Of course I'm one of them. I'll get to care about others but I knew everyone's best ・ ・ ・.

I shed a course parade started. However of course the speed is slow (It's only natural parade.) He keeps something apart from a wide range of courses. And the like seem to have somehow ranks from around the last corner while I (and I was thinking freely.) A 1.5km straight, and there ought to be quite short. 400m last year when I ran a drag race but awfully long.

This parade ends. I was running so much during the week about the Fuji track. It's not a lot of fun while waiting for the previous hour. I feel that nothing. Did you find what you're probably in the stands. Well, maybe those things I parade. Way back to the stand and the area around the hairpin. They were fine people walking on either side of the road. I feel better when the fun back ・ ・ ・ ran Sono Waki.

Revival explosion!


Corbett was dormant for a long time. ・ ・ ・ When I finally wake up. Simply ROD MOTORS is coming but I just had to get it. To get a repair and maintenance. Amefesu for the course.

It did not move nearly nearly a half a year now. The engine did not even hang. I'm hanging around a burden and an oil leak. Ask them to do because all the bases. Reserve oil booster simple, light, various tools:. Long time no hang from the engine anyway. First, it is a battery out with. I even got it down to oil. The engine of the tips, but even just hang. Could you hang well?


The sound was like a MOFO


ROD of clothes are you wearing a red-kun RYO

First, open the hood Pawasuteoiru refill. Batteries are no problem because it seems the other ON. My Corvette have been forced to cut to the battery. What is not reduced even without using the voltage. So. I thought this would be expected while still able to. I try to twist the key. Temashita alive. Battery. I was surprised. Indeed OPTIMA (the name of the battery. Notoriously strong.)

So sweet but with a single hanging. The cab car care places around here. 1 starter while turning the aftermath Axel ~ 2 minutes.

Baribaritsu, Baritsu

Hung! Listen to blast a long time. Axel repercussions for a moment while warming. Some poorly ventilated car park. I much more luck catalyst ancient car. Shipashipa little eyes and exhaust. Gasoline and oil smell was irritating at the same time.

Anyway. Just roar. Did not cured by moving far from the wool scarf? Exhaust sound just amazing. Called perfect crisp representation. Previously would have been more quiet. Much the same, with straight pipes and when the actual race. Echoes the sound of underground parking Nde. Comb all people look into the parking lot walk down the street.

Amefesu to repair. Inspection of parts is also partly for commissioning in passing. May 5 is the tone of the safe.

Street Car Nationals
Mooneyes Street Car Nationals


Sunday went to the park sea breeze. Original purpose of the car went to Odaiba event. Mooneyes 24th. Street Car Nationals. Domestic cars and trucks around the American car, custom car and van. I remember last year I was an entry in a Corvette too. This year, still dormant. Alice was so relaxed I was and I walk.

First to ROD MOTORS booth as usual. I was with Alice. ROD welcome from staff and friends. Darn it, we all rally around. Alice and sprinkle too friendly to everyone. In the end I still have mild speech rather lead. ・ ・ ・ Well, because I hope I can every time.


You can see the car slightly to the left


Be kind of fun?

Highlights of this year's event after a while. Bannautodemo announcement begins. Arrays will be stalled out Taiyasumoku drag racing tire I Bannauto something. That was originally what I say has an important role to warm the tires. Because it looks flashy. The events of this kind may Shoappu are facing. Why do not you do a great crowd. I never see the car. Just came back to see smoke.

In the important car show. Most have not actually seen. Alice and how are you doing to relieve stress will be quiet when we have a walk. I thought so at the beginning of a walk. Here are tired. I ran the car show so little energy. What did you do and I'll say. ROD have been talking to or behind the booth. What is this preposterous Coto.

Alice is the way I did not 繫 Dari's car to the back of the booth. Kitten and everyone, and Homework in the disappearance of the other car. Alice had fun not something to be?


Most have been here


ROD Doragguresuka of

Street Car Nationals 1

Our car car Shorashii

Street Car Nationals 2

I like sharks Cama

Street Car Nationals 3

Group of full-size van

To do? Amefesu
Team Rod Motors

Amefesu at last year's third-generation Corvette

Corvette dormant. When I wake up soon. At that time, ROD MOTORS of RYO from you. " Amefesu go? "and invited. ・ ・ ・ Helpless.

  • Candy raves and the way that the American festival. American car's like a festival in a word. Swap Meet and Drag Racing and Dattari Datsu Datsu Kershaw. Enjoy the atmosphere like live events and American

Apparently this year Amefesu held on May 5 during the holidays. Usual place at Fuji Speedway. One of the events of the day, that has Korubettoparedo? Me. The other apparently from Retarashii said. Iron is also a gun that meta, I (I can I iron my Corvette cancer meta.)

I went to last year Amefesu. But not a car show or drag racing. Corvette 2-Actually, I'm often out of the race about three years ago. I know it feels much lighthearted 走Retara I'm also flat out. With people doing different levels but seriously. So always ride the city state as a. I ran in normal and radial tires. Moreover, 17-inch. Terrible time but I have fun. In exchange the last year Amefesu muffler straight pipes. I was a terrible roar because this thickness. Very good sound I wanted was a real race car. Next time you go to a drag race, you want to Dorasuri all the same. But also with various tamper.

<2008 Super American Sunday in Twin Ring Motegi>

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Something I parade like that because my Corvette? I think you can. Did not you get me the original beautiful car parade? I. But it is a long time to go to the mountains. Or a fix in the meantime? Can a revival. Astro tomorrow when I talk by going to replace parts from the Son. Entries from this week Ippairashii it. I do not fast.

But back in May 5, must be quite severe traffic congestion. The smoke from the engine and I Nannai the pun. Well, unlike summer overheating worries but unlikely. After the problems of mental power to drive this car in traffic.

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