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But glad rain

Nature and laughing

Was followed by a rainy weather lately. Daily walks and rest I'm raining afternoon and evening twice. The day before yesterday afternoon. Out for a walk in the rain, so rain is almost up.

Roll up tension after a long walk! ・ ・ ・ It thinks. Stuck at the entrance of the apartment while Alice. Sound of water due to rain and the car looks. I was walked back to our call and alarmed. Surprisingly normal. Really I'm a little worried now. I still work and that solidified.


Feels pretty


Go back ~

Even walking out of the lower tension. Busted in no sense a bit of time. While silent and just plain smelling the ground. I'm always think I'm clever. I smell the scent while walking the Pad. The wrist guard is also good or obstacles. The pole-hit wonder or you look however, the normal (in fact I do about three times Alice.)

In the longer get to the park around the time Alice. I might be quite high strength Alice adaptation. Comb or pounding into wet grass. Puddle do not seem to care. Lie on the ground to get rid of the ground and in fact Hinyari. The fresh look of the park was unusual? When it's time to go home, and suddenly came down to the soup. Alice is rather short and you look up at the sky. The rain did not seem familiar with it yet.

Also walk in the drizzle at night. There's no feeling like I'm falling rain. It's like a cool drizzle. Maybe I enjoyed Allie. Ah, I laugh in the face of evidence that much (I forgot the camera the way the day.) Slips lot but too many times in the hilarity. Even though more reluctant to go back to sitting on thick your return. Coto did not like much until now.

Now the rainy season. The rain will increase even more. I need to buy a place quick rain. It is truly like getting wet was a bit reluctant.

Cherry finish

I'm musing?

Walk last night. I also had it on Sunday. I always return to silence people without flowers. Looking up the cherry tree. Already completely wet surface. I received many more plants are a new leaf. A couple of three days I feel like I had to cherry blossoms.


I'm still sad flowers on the branches

I went a little during the day. I cherry blossom petals blowing in the car on the road if I ran. As I was running through the snow just like a cherry.

Toco square recessed. Cherry blossom on one side. Amazingly brighter than usual. Just like a carpet of cherry blossoms like (geronimo's, is not really anything・・・stole Nde I really do, believe me!). I had only one cherry tree, but about this place. It was only with flowers and it is a little touched me. Fresh green cherry season finally ends.

Alice's side is totally indifferent. 'm Toiling in sniffing scent. I notice that the landscape is slightly different? Daro even smell different. What is it, yes. I smell different. Alice'm for is a more important than the scenery over there.

Beautiful cherry blossoms

Mercury lamp is lit

Alice's daily evening walk. I walk a little bit about one hour. Pick one's way less crowded. Maybe because Alice will walk calmly than the day as well. Without widening it much.


Without it behind the apartment


Yeah Hi, Alice ・ ・ ・ neck

And most people do not always park. I'm so full of people walking and children's and daytime.

So I'll run such a night free Alice (sensible adults do not have to imitate.) I say so, look at a place that people will come naturally'm connected. Yet, going so far neither. I'll be back at full speed and if you call anything. Now it yet.

Alice and I have to check up on the head because sometimes even a whiff of smell. Sometimes hiding in the shade. I quietly and peek. I noticed Alice. Do you rush out to be vividly. Ku, but it right out. It's really terrible trouble Chattara'll run madly in the direction. In, that time will come to its body. "Shitajan surprise," feels like.

Time now, I'm the cherry blossoms everywhere. Cherry Park is slowly but do not feel like people see the flowers. Cherry tree next to a nearby tennis court. I only have three or four fairly clean book. Feeling a little light at night is lit by mercury lamps lighted. If I'm doing better or apartment or fence.

While the cherry blossoms at night so admired. Alice suddenly you're down and ate Teru Sakura flower show. ・ ・ ・ Him without emotion.

New Items

Come in and take a beautiful

I was shot right? I'm worried about something ~ Naa. Give me a peek. Wait a minute? What Collet. You've been a frown. It took more cute to beautiful. Even though the new camera at least. I got the first shot will come cherry something about the park. Not a camera for?

Do you understand? Camera. What with me from. I have to give them a shot. I have not misunderstood place there? He does not have a sense arms anyway. 'll Have to compensate with the camera. You waste the precious objects are cute. (I say so myself ←, OK?)

~ Shit. Doormat. That's right. I'm no photography skills. I'm no more sense. Fun? Know. If you still wish we were little? Was looking around on bringing you. Try not about the camera eye. When turning the camera around. If you want to help take Kunnakya cute.

I was there with the SANYO Xacti camcorder I ever. But as easy to use video. Feeling a little unhappy recently. AF is slow. Alice and I restlessly, when there is not already in focus.

, And Na if I said I wanted a camera, I had to get presents. What Alice in (here is a little frustrating ←). Nikon digital camera in S6000 is capped me. Small and easy guy anyway! I say this was coming. Indeed small. Almost the same size card. But surprisingly some thickness. To know more. Mont Now this?


In full bloom a little more


The bright place


Still wry


Nailed a duck


I've seen TV

I use a little feedback. Compared with the previous video but the last. Focus is fast indeed. Captured in its own way in a dark place. In addition to continuous shooting and video capabilities (普通Rashii it now.) Maybe not as important quality I thought. I hope than before of course. I really think it is more dramatically beautiful. What digital camera recently. SLR digital camera I got a long time ago. I prefer a sharp, sensitive and better quality there. It's just inconvenient to carry around. Thanks to everyone who either broken something wrong with.

I feel that they were later. It says in a description of what I have high-quality mode. Innovation Try it now (I gotta read the fine manual As expected.)

So conclusion. Do I sense a photo, and. Sorry Alice. I'll want a camera 補Enai.

Plum season

I forgotten something changing seasons

These days followed by cold days. Alice in the park together. Plum blossoms are blooming beautifully. I forget that.

Last summer, Allie was out and Pattari 出歩Kanaku from the death. And really Pattari. Is out of necessity. So the first view into the concrete and asphalt streets. Tatsuki Sae street not in the eyes there was supposed to be, only cold and hot season. In the season I was missing from last summer.


Beautiful small but powerful

2009年5月 Allie清里にて

Allie and fresh green Kiyosato

Six months ago. When I was with Allie. Every day I feel the change of seasons. Changes seasonally with flowers in full bloom. Little by little will change the color of green trees. Fragrant smell different from them. Chirping of birds flitting through the trees - but how many crows were occasional flaws. Of course, not just creatures. Same road, same time walking the length of the shadow. Density of air. All of these were seasonal.

I work every day just before life really is to say that. Hands about too much sleep can even count the days of the week. Zara is like that. Since he was employed to do. Only those in the TV season so I greet most. Yes, Allie and met before.

Allie slowly together and become really aware of Coto little different. Every day fresh and pleasant surprise. 2 hours each morning and evening walks. People around "will be really hard" I was told that I did not like that at all. Rather fun to walk ・ ・ ・ together.

Alice Park and walk. Came to life with such a sense of jag. Well, this season already. Cold winter is almost over. The calendar is only beginning in February but still. I feel so forgotten. Allie told me sense. Then, Alice reminded me that feeling.

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