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Management sub-Bruno vs Hiroshi Shoushan Island

These people seriously

What dog loves to go out. Alice and begin preparations for the walk more fuss Janakutsu exception. Favorite play in the house but there is Alice. You want ME to get hammered in this game all the time. Oh, the play between the two is "wrestling" but ... call me. "Maniac and I ~ ~, physical sub-Shou Mountain" like.

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Well, as you can see. Just hard headed Alice. But I'm just hopping I'll return it. Love it. Want to come begging to play. S sucking a dirty towel that I have.

Is this to Alice's favorite childhood. But, when the hierarchy within Coto was small. Alice was calm and even if they are on the way at all. But now, because the weight is comparable to Nannai A big Kiku. I'm enveloped in the same tension, Alice me. Worries are also fairly recent here.

Perhaps Alice, not to win really? Then over here because I'm losing helplessness. There is always pride as humans. Well, I do not like winning becomes. Alice Shindoirashii fact as well. After his break from the time say ten minutes Nuke. When it wins me (and, but not be so arbitrarily decided.) When I Shindoku "Stop!" Force quit. Speaking of Alice Eligh Eligh I say this to stop as well.

But, if more than five minutes resurrection. Bring towel and play! Because of this repetition. In which Alice is that if you kiss the stress it is a good thing. It is a way, I feel that I was training my abs or arms. Around the body to be unable to play properly because of right.

Wait a ball?

Where I look for?

I thought you guys play ball or I love Dover. I like Alice but a little different. Tied in with the ball out for a walk last week. I react like it or throw the ball.

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Unfortunately the result. I was going after anyway. Or else you got distracted by the ball away quickly. You do not sound too fixated on the ball. Su's interest only when you have shown me the ball. When he tries to steal the habit. I can not believe I'll be away for about easily. What is the tracking and'll keep my once at least. Lovely goodie bags also interested in the ball, I thought he was a little play. I wonder if this is Mon.


What Lies Beyond the fence!

But I certainly like dog. It's also apathy around and play ball. Give it to other children and it'll be chasing the ball sometimes. I keep the ball on the run from the good. I left the ball Munching other children. I actually keep the ball on the run that Allie. Allie was awesome attachment to the ball.

Flirting is something from Alice to the ball. If you're getting more and more weeds. Dari smell a lot, and try to munch. The smell from it was like I knew the difference. It's Alice in the first season of fresh green of. Maybe it was a mistake kore.

3 to 4 days of this boundary condition is Yoroshikunakatta Alice's stomach. As diarrhea ago. You: I was at first thought it cured it. Did you Nde I and bloody stool Colle bad. Observation was made medicine before receiving teacher. Toco drank drugs to the teacher the next day I recovered fine. Has also received the same drugs in reserve just in case.

The previous forecast due to time and with stress. She was a first at the lodge. But this is ・ ・ ・? I wonder if the grass is a different cause but Mushamusha・・・ possible?

・・・Also be stupid

・ ・ ・ Coto what so completely!

No, I got tired of ・ ・ ・ end. Even really stupid parents. What? What is high touch. What it. Can I 出来Nakutsu or skill. You said there were. That's a lie? I needed only if possible, anyone? I need this? I do not think we needed.

Not mean much lately? And we can fight Godzilla. Hair dye and try to imitate. The age of stupid good. More, please make a decent growth record. Oh, sorry.

Yes. Yes, Your. I regret. Said sure. I like technology or even impossible. I No, I'm even impossible. It really is. But you know, you can Chaujan. You are so funny. Good for you? Fun doing this - I learn it? Oh, the fun just me? ・ ・ ・ Sorry.

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I know it. Really. Do not give it more proper to take this. Walk Not the heel, so too jump. Mate is definitely something I Tokitai. You've been good at patience 強Kutsu. You'll go easy on you. Could be from the hand. Hara Ppoijan hand position and shape just another way somehow.

Waste bark and jump on the way, I'm a little lost. Walk It Naa ・ ・ ・ front heel yet. Now you have to worry about my position but little by little. Mate in the house were little, I just.

Naa'm still happy. Can only get from your right hand still Naa. As can also be left with. It's perfectly fine with both hands it can become so, the original director. (No regret Temasen ←)

Godzilla: confrontation and

If I move that this can never

Previous 危Ushi devil! Godzilla was placed on the next. 動Kun was the way, and (actually kurakura left in the comments that I remember.) Simmering and nasty prank in mind here. A fairly regular basis hetare Alice. I sure miss chickened out back, and whispers of the devil. It seems interesting to not be expected to react to it. Courage to fight back or vice versa. When I punched a cat in a long time could be seen.

Our first meeting. Here is no reaction in another pear. I'm true. Alice's something it's really not just for nothing at Godzilla. The heart filled with excitement (I have my course) finally switching ON!


Collet What?


Coto Naijan by the hierarchy within


A, a, a, alive!

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Hmm, I knew a chattering. Anyway be miserable. I hope that the bark from the back Why? I wish 吠Ere openly before. It's in front of me to hide away as soon poking out of it. I also think that if you look at my troubled face. Even the voice I got turned over and then howl. I wonder if the dos worked really put out more Doberurashii snarl. The still have not break?

Or that I wanted to play? The tail is also visible in the pose, as it waved play. You YAPPA Even so if before. What about the invite. So I'll leave it as stalking. ・ ・ ・ Oh, how I did not know whether ・ ・ ・ Which is a front.

I began to touch brings up playing for a while. Unchanged until the end gingerly. You know, Alice. Do you know these words? "Barking dogs are often weak," You ask. 台無Shijan the Queen.

Drag Race Amefesu ★

The moment the game

Amefesu Speaking of drag racing. What a cool drag race Amefesu 1/4mile (about 400m). Motegi race goes well 1000ft (about 300m) soup. You're pretty far only course. It makes me more Amefesu from the audience. Support Team MKR too tentative. But it will not do anything real well just because.

Tawake into why so early in the morning. Everyone seems severe, but I like setting the race. Fuji 燃調 especially because I can take quite some elevation. But I was persistent only see them next. Prepare like that.

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Drag Vette HQ-7


Emergency, swoop


It is peaceful

Time on the course to become more and more. Slight rise in temperatures on this day in very good weather. Waiting at the road course is pretty hot and direct sunlight reflection. Much less movement of trolley cars on the track crew. I'll not only carrying gasoline because Gili. Meanwhile, Mr. RYO drivers but I'm focused. Beautiful mood and determined to start before the peak Bannauto. Will increase the tension at once staging.

The result is I mean. Eliminated in the semi-finals to go. Motegi races on May 1 is the only victory was slightly disappointed. Because you lose or win any race. I'm also do my best for the next.


The whole atmosphere is exquisite

フォード F100 パネルバン

I like this expression

GW last day like this. Even doing live shows and car the way candy raves. Koto while over there I always find I almost did not. The car was in it but air. One Cherokee lift up. This is cool. I decided that I would like to color. The car needlessly because I love the original Cherokee. One is also known as the Ford F100 pumpkin. The track is not this panel van. From the car before I ever wanted. Front mask like cute. Colle, however, more bulky appearance. Maybe leg hurts everyday.

Traffic was back in fear. Almost too smooth. We got to drive comfortably.

※ The Amefesu photo gallery on. But I see so many parades and races.
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